Game Kingdom Edit

Game Kingdom is located on the old naval base Willemsoord in Den Helder, Noord-Holland.

Dancegames Edit

  • 1x ITG 2 (dedicated cabinet)
  • 1x PIU Pro (dedicated cabinet)
  • 1x Percussion Freaks, 4th Mix Korean (dedicated cabinet)

Tournaments Edit

Home Arcade of Edit


Payment Edit

Payment for games can be done with coin money, pre-paid cards or time based cards.

Using a time card (or "Tijdspeelkaart") of 1 or 2 hours you can play for a set amount of money within the 1 or 2 hours for which the card is valid.

Trivia Edit

Time cards can be used every 2 minutes wether or not your game has ended.

This allows for a gameplay of upto 2,5 hours with an 1 hour card.