Is a dutch machinedance player and is regarded as one of the fastest deteriorating dutch players.

History Edit

AZNCless started out with stepmania in January 2007 which was introduced by a friend of his. Upon playing for the first time, he already felt that he had a natural ability for rhythm games, when he demonstrated an exceptional timing on his first play. He never showed much interest in DDR untill he saw a video on Youtube in march of a player clearing Dokudenpa on pad.

After this source of inspiration he set out to Hommerson Funland to play DDR(Supernova) for his first time. Not knowing much outside of Stepmania, he tried his luck on a song he was familiar with: The Legend of Max on Expert. Needless to say that didn't work out. Though he was surprised, he did not get discouraged and decided to try out another song that sounded familiar; A(renaissance). On the first day he was able to clear this song on both Basic and Difficult, but unable to clear it on Expert. Having it set as his goal, he was able to clear A(renaissance) on Expert on only his third day of playing.

A week after, he paid a visit to Dooworld, where he played MAX300 Expert on pad for the first time and set clearing MAX300 as his new goal. He has cleared MAX300 Expert only 5 weeks after playing his first time on pad, which is possibly the fastest any dutch player has cleared MAX300 since they started playing.

He made weekly trips to arcades untill the Gadgetfunstore acquired an ITG2 dedicab, which was only 10 minutes away and made it possible for him to play as much as he wanted. In only a week he cleared most 11 block and Delirium as well. After clearing most 12 blocks, he partially lost interest in the game and continued by playing on hard, increasing his Fantastic Attack, scoring 96+ on almost every official hard song. When the dedicab was removed however, he stopped playing for a few months.

After the announcement of the European Championship 2008 being held in the Netherlands, he regained his interest and paid a weekly visit to Silverstone to practice. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to get back in his top form and underperformed.

Currently he plays occasionally and is on a 11 block level.

Player: AZNCless
Real Name:
28 July 1986
Main Arcade:
Skill Level:
High Expert
Favorite Song(s):
Dokudenpa, Monolith, Robotix

Tournament Results Edit

Heerlen Supernova Tournooi Expert: 4th
Heerlen Supernova Tournooi Difficult: 1st
Heerlen Supernova Tournooi Expert January 09: 3rd
Silverstone European Championship 2008:45th
Vlissingen Let's Dance 2008: 4th

Trivia Edit

  • AZNCless beat JD, lol
  • Physically, AZNCless is the closest thing to Sweden's famous player Ceder, with the same pants, shoes and usually no shirt