Dekker3D is one of the greatest ITG talents in the Netherlands, and perhaps in the world.

History Edit

Not much is known about his incredible style of play and it's origins. However, few were able to witness a glimps of his talents when he declared war on Pr3Y with an 84.88% on Infection Hard. This made many players shudder in fear of his skill, since he had a certain confidence of being able or being very close to beating Pr3Y in a direct match.

Shortly after, he continued posting an 88.23% on Disconnected Hyper on a music rate of x0.6. This incredible feature is impossible for many and was considered to be one of the greatest achievements of all time. This resulted in a lock of his topic, because admins of DDRNL obviously feared his skill greatly. A ban might have been a better choice for some, but they did not want to anger the beast called Dekker3D.

Player: Dekker3D
Real Name:
13 July 1988
Main Arcade:
Skill Level:
Hard(x0.6 music rate)
Favorite Song(s):
Cryosleep, Temple of Boom

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Trivia Edit

  • Dekker3D is possibly greater than Chuck Norris
  • Some say that instead of reading the screen, he reads the binary data directly from the machine.
  • Dekker3D once got 99.99% on Summer (Speedy Mix) Expert. Unfortunately, he was playing on music rate 0.06x.
  • Dekker3D can defeat JD, using just one leg.

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