History Edit

Player: JD
JD aka ParagonX9
Real Name:
Jermain Dustin
30 April 1986
Main Arcade:
Favorite Song(s):
Funk factory, PSMO, Tribal Style.

Jermain Dustin (JD) started his career as a machine dancer in Dooworld (Almere) in December 2004. He started out as a casual player who played with friends just for fun. However, he seemed to improve at an incredible rate. He was able to clear Max300 in about a month. Just clearing the song was a huge achievement back then, and he did it within one month. It was in Dooworld where he met Aproxima and some other DDR players from DDRNL. They asked him to join DDRNL's forum and so he did. Here he found out there was a community for this game and there were players who were a lot better than him.

This only motivated JD though, it inspired him to go train every day. When he was at his internship and only had an half an hour break, he would go running to Dooworld to play 1 or 2 credits. He would hurry back all sweaty and tired, only waiting to be able to play some more when his workday was over. His hard work combined with talent did however show. It only took him about a year to catch up to some of the best players in the Netherlands, such as TBXZ, NiDeCo and Shodan. These were some big names within the community and JD was able to compete with them in a single year. From then on, it didn't take him long to become the best. Slow but steady JD became the best player of the Netherlands.

When ITG showed up, some of the good DDR players slowly started to quit playing. JD however, picked up ITG and was at an entirely different level. He was regarded as the best and was completely untouchable. It even seemed like he didn't need to put in a lot of effort at all, either. He never lost his place at the top even though he did quit playing from time to time for a couple of months. He has kept his place at the top until January 2008, when Mr.Jackal and Pr3Y started training for the European Championship. Most people think, however, that if JD never had quit playing, he would still be at the top.

Tournament Results Edit

SilverStone ITG Tournament: 1st
Heerlen Supernova Tournament: 1st
DDRNL Scheveningen Supernova:1st

Trivia Edit

  • JD will almost always be dancing around or at least moving to the rythem if he isn't playing.
  • JD has a drum set made of tupperware.
  • JD also plays PIU, Drummania, Percussion Freaks and IIDX
  • JD is not dating Tare anymore
  • JD always keeps a gum in his packet of cigarettes so they smell like gum.
  • JD also makes music, used by a lot of step artists.