Handled saus in leven


Also known as the best player in the Netherlands. The fankids in Silverstone call him Calimist.

Sekiryu has the ability to suck really bad at timing.

First player in the Netherlands to clear a 15.

First player in the Netherlands to clear a 16.

Second to clear Uber rave and Air.

First player to clear Dokudenpa in the Netherlands! Which resulted in instant orgasms all around Silverstone. And the start of TEAM DOKUDENPA.

First player to clear Shihen in the Netherlands. Fuck you ddrnl.

First player to clear a legid Dragonforce song stepped by Cosmic Pope.

First player to clear Flash his Through the Fire and the Flames edit. It's not the hardest version, but he would like YOU to try it.

First player to clear a shitload of 13/14's noone cares about.

First player to see Dirk play naked.

First player to own the car most liked in the Itg community.

First player in the Netherlands to olmost pass out on a 14.

First and only player in the Netherlands that cleared a 13 before any 12.

First and only player that can't tristar ANYTHING.

Responsible for making Final the second beast. This is his biggest failure in life to date.

And finally Sekiryuken is the biggest fag in the Netherlands for failing Blue Army 6 months ago. Which resulted in a clearsteal by Final and Hiku.