Tare is a female machinedanceplayer and of the best female players in the Netherlands.

History Edit

Player: Tare
Real Name:
3 July 1991
De Meern
Main Arcade:
Skill Level:
High Expert
Favorite Song(s):
Pandemonium, Destiny, Summer(Speedy Mix), Tricky Disco, ! (Bang)

Tare first started with Stepmania in January 2006, actively playing and clearing keyboard songs shortly after starting out. Shortly after, she purchased a foam mat and was able to clear around 3-5 feet. She maintained this level untill her first meeting which took place in Silverstone around April 2006.

Afterwards she started playing more seriously and visited arcades more often. She demonstrated great progess in the Silverstone tournament in 2006, where she battled Dirk_Ermen in the finals of the medium catagory, demonstrating a very nice Fantastic Attack for her level of play. She lost, but mainly because her opponent belonged in the Expert catagory.

She started going to arcades weekly and made a lot of progress. In July 2006 she cleared MAX300 Expert for the first time and over time she was able to clear most 11 and some 12, which is a lot better than a lot of male players are capable of.

After 2007, she reduced her playing time, going to the arcade once or twice a month. She currently maintains a 11-12 block level.

Tournament Results Edit

SilverStone Medium ITG Tournament: 2nd
DDRNL Scheveningen Supernova:13th
Heerlen Supernova Tournooi: 5-8th

Trivia Edit

  • Tare is dating JD
  • Tare is actively dancing parapara
  • Tare can make kick-ass drawings