A player most known for his enthousiasm. Has been playing for over 4 years and is a steady placeholder in the top 10.

History Edit

Player: ZOOT
Real Name:
13 April 1985
Main Arcade:
Skill Level:
High Expert
Favorite Song(s):

ZOOT found out about DDR at Gameplay 2004. After seeing someone playing on the DDR setup, he immediatly fell in love with the game and ended up playing all day.

Shortly after his first DDR experience, he searched the internet to purchase DDR for PS2 and started playing on a plastic mat like many of us. Things progressed reasonably, as he was able to clear most songs on light and some songs on difficult.

ZOOT went to Gameplay in 2005 as well. There, he met Aproxima, TBXZ and a few others for the first time. Aproxima invited ZOOT to come one of the DDRNL meetings somewhere in the near future, which he did. His first meeting took place in the Carrousel, where he met JD and Miszou as well.

After his first meet, he made it a regular activity to visit meetings to arcades to play DDR. His skill increased a lot faster now that he went to arcades and was able to clear MAX300 for the first time in june 2006.

He is one of the few players who continued playing after the arrival of ITG and kept improving. He currently plays on a 11/12 block level.

He is the 11th to clear Summer (Speedy Mix) Expert and the 4th to clear Pandemonium Expert.

Tournament Results Edit

SilverStone ITG Tournament: ?
Heerlen Supernova Tournooi: ?
DDRNL Scheveningen Supernova:?
Silverstone European Championship 2008:?
Vlissingen Let's Dance 2008: 7th?

Trivia Edit

  • ZOOT always brings out the silliest custom charts with him.
  • "Mag ik even 1 ding zeggen?"
  • ZOOT currently has 8 piercings
  • ZOOT prefers to play ITG over DDR, mainly because of the ability to play custom songs.
  • ZOOT once demonstrated Dancing Stage Supernova, along with leofox, Kitoramu and his brother lil' Zoot, on the television program Villa Live.

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