Currently considered as one of the best dutch players both timing and staminawise

History Edit

Player: final
final, de Poey
Real Name:
17 October 1991
The Hague
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He started out mainly as a DDR-player, but has been achieving great results on ITG since february 2009.

His first encounter with DDR occurred somewhere in October 2006, where he went to Hommerson's Funland with a couple of friends and saw some asian guys playing on the Supernova. The day after, he returned and tried his luck on the arcade cabinet, but quit after playing two credits. From then on, he started playing at his friend's house on a foampad. Shortly after getting fed up with that, he returned to the arcade improving his game, but still unsatisfied with his skill compared to the other locals. Usually playing when there aren't a lot of people around, afraid that he'd be a nuisance.

He attended DDR DC in Hommerson's on January 7th, but was unable to register on time for difficult. On this tournament however, his interest in the game increased.

His timing skills showed shortly, seeing how he wasn't an obsessed player at the time, he still managed to get his first AA on Love Shine after 3 months of playing.

Unlike many others, he mostly played by himself. It wasn't untill after 3 months of playing when he met a few other DDR-players and started playing a bit more competitively. His competitive nature really started showing when a local player called LGN started maximizing his DDR scores. This motivated Final to increase his timing, which resulted in being able to score SDGs on most 9s and below, which is only rivalled by players like JD and Mr. Jackall. His scores on 10s however, were a level lower, usually unable to score an AA on 10s excluding Sakura.

Even when attending DDR-tournaments, he focused more on his timing than on his stamina.

ITG Edit

He visited the Carrousel sometimes to play ITG, but it wasn't untill February 2009 that he started playing it actively in Silverstone. Thanks to Sekiryu, Final started playing more stamina-songs and gradually built up his stamina. Which resulted in him catching up staminawise with the best staminaplayers in the Netherlands while attaining one of the best timings among ITG-players.

On April the 3rd, he became the second person to clear Dokudenpa on pad, which is considered a great milestone for most dutch players. This spree continued when he was the first in the Netherlands to clear Blue Army and Juggernaut. After this feat, people speculated whether Sekiryu or Final is the bigger stamina beast, though a conclusion was never drawn.

Currently he still plays actively and is improving as usual.

Tournament Results Edit

1st Heerlen Supernova Tournament: 3rd
2nd Heerlen Supernova Tournament: 1st

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